Carpet cleaning tips

February 7, 2006

Carpet Cleaning Tips
By Jason Gluckman

Carpet cleaning isn’t such a big chore as long as you ensure that supplies and machinery are safe for the carpet and the individual who does the cleaning is qualified. Also determine the frequency of surface cleaning as well as deep cleaning.

Generally, surface cleaning using a vacuum cleaner is recommended once a week and deep cleaning is recommended once a year. However, if there is a lot of foot traffic on the carpet, there are pets in the household, and the carpet is located near a source of constant dust, it is a good idea to surface clean and deep clean more frequently.

Most manufacturers say that it is good to clean frequently rather than infrequently, to protect carpet fibers. Most professional cleaners also recommend frequent cleaning so that those who use the carpet are not exposed to dust and other allergens. In fact, if moisture tends to get accumulated in the carpet, it can even become a breeding ground for germs.

While choosing the cleaning method, it is important to identify the fiber. For instance, a carpet made from coarse synthetic fibers is a low maintenance product, and in most cases, can be shampooed without damaging the carpet. However, a carpet made from soft natural fibers, such as wool, is a high maintenance product, and can be damaged if the cleaning agent used to clean it is strong, or the machine used to clean it has a hard brush, which rotates at a very high speed. In fact, therefore, a powerful machine is not always the most appropriate choice.

Therefore, carpet cleaning machines as well as accessories need to be selected carefully. The cleaning supplies and the cleaning method should also be selected carefully. Cleaning supplies should be mild so that they neither harm the carpet nor the person who will be using them. A strong cleaning agent can damage the carpet fibers. The cleaning method used should ideally match the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Usually, manufacturers recommend steam cleaning or extraction as the preferred method for deep cleaning. For carpets made of tender fibers, such as silk, they recommend the ‘dry powder method’. The powder-based cleaning supply should also be mild so as to prevent harm to the carpet and the individual who is cleaning the carpet. As far as possible, there should be no one else in the vicinity so that the powder does not inconvenience anyone more than necessary.

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2 Responses to “Carpet cleaning tips”

  1. Pete Says:


    Nice blog.. I ll come back :]

  2. karen Says:

    I recently had a couch and loveseat cleaned by a professional steam cleaner service. It was very humid when this was done and now I smell a “sour” smell on the upholstery. Would using a fabric refresher like Febreze be beneficial in clearing up this odor?

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